Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What Doesn't Kilz Me Makes me....................

Three of the great, unsolved mysteries of my life is where all of the Socks, single engine airplanes in the Bermuda Triangle, and paint on fresh drywall end up when they vanish.  It would not be the first time that I failed to get a gallon of paint to cover the square footage the manufacturer claims it should.  In my desperate attempt to fully seal fresh drywall I gave Kilz, original, oil based, poison strength formula a try.

I started priming the walls around 3:00 pm, the earliest opportunity I had.  My hopes were to prime the ceiling, then the walls and finally, have time to paint the ceiling.  As you will see pictured, I opened both the bathroom window and the adjacent kitchen window.  I utilized fans as well.  At the time I felt confident in my ventilation.  As I worked, I noticed time began to slip.  Before I knew it it was almost 5:00.  The ceiling and walls seemed to absorb the primer like a sponge.

As I primed the ceiling and then the walls, I became determined to finish what I had started before Mary got home from work.  I was consumed, in fact, or so I thought.  Working to reach 10 ft ceilings, I depended on my trusty roller extension.  I'm tall enough and have a decent reach, so short of a few bits of paint in my hair, I managed to knock out the ceiling with little difficult despite how quickly time seemed to be moving.  However, it eventually occurred to me that I was becoming more and more dependent on the roller as a means of staying on my feet.  The roller, was heavier the further along I got and to be honest, so did my face.  What I was consumed by was more and more obviously not determination.

Mary arrived home from work late, which gave me the extra time needed.  I was finished, I was triumphant, however, I was incapable of putting together a sentence.  My face was heavy, my arms a bit tingly.  I was covered with primer and my head was buzzing.  I was stoned from all the Kilz.  At Mary's urging I sat on the porch with the dog and took in as much fresh air as possible.  It wasn't until close to 7:00 and after a shower that I started to regain my grasp on reality.  The ceiling paint would have to wait, yet another casualty of an unpleasant experience with oil based Kilz.

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