Friday, March 12, 2010

Dip Function

An exciting feature of this project is the inclusion of a pocket door.  Due to space limitations and the layout of the house, we opted for a combination of an on suite bath, with accessibility from another door leading to the kitchen.  The pocket door replaces an older door which featured an odd assortment of angles.  Again, I am having a difficult time locating an example of the before.  Soon to come, I hope.

Contributing greatly to the once awkward door is the unlevel floor.  Much of the delay in starting this project was caused by debates about how to best compensate for the noticeable "dip" in the floor.  The final solution includes a self leveling compound to be applied in the coming week.  Pictured, you may notice the dip in the floor especially where the cold air return is concerned.  Both the return and the vent in this photo are to be relocated to the walls.

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