Friday, March 12, 2010

The Haul

Over the course of several days we have seen great progress on our bathroom renovation. The last of the load bearing wall was removed after a beam was put in place. New joists finished off the ceiling in preparation of insulation and moisture proof drywall. Wiring and plumbing progressively were installed. All very exciting, but less interesting to document in photos. Pictured is the last of the load bearing wall before removed.

Over the course of this renovation my wife and I have kept the lavatory covered. With just one bathroom, essential features had to be kept in working order. Pictured here is the old unit moved to the new location where the old vanity once huddled.

Taking the place of the commode we will be making room for a 5 ft contemporary tub. Pictured is a glimpse of the new 28x38 inch window (replacing the old 20x 20 old, wooden farm style window.) My wife decided to save the window, but only after it was hauled away to the dump. Fortunately I was able to reach it in time. Unable to provide a haul-away dumpster, debris from the demo was hauled away in a trailer to be properly disposed of. Our pro green sentimentality was repressed in favor of other concerns on this project I'm afraid.

Another photo shows part of the new window and the other corner where the new tub will sit. Not pictured, the old attic stairs once took up the space now occupied by a couple of 6 ft ladders.

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